Dampfspektakel '04

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Steam engine


The surface of a road determines the speed of the traffic using it.
Modern vehicles with their air tyres and shock absorbers can easily deal with the odd bump in the road.
This was a different story during the days of the steam tractors.
A smooth surface was therefore of great importance.
To achive this you called upon the services of a "Road Building Train" consisting of:
   - a steam roller as transport engine and for pressing and smoothing
   - a machine to rip away the old surface and to loosen the ground
   - a hexle to shred shrubs and trees growing alongside the road
   - a stone cutter transforming stones to road-metal
   - a caravan for the supervisor

Dampfwalze mit Wohnwagen

Zum DAMPFSPEKTAKEL 2004 hat zugesagt:

Fowler Dampfwalze OLD SMOKEY

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